What Do Family Lawyers in Sydney Giving a Free Consultation Stand To Gain?

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What do family lawyers in Sydney giving a free consultation stand to gain from opening their doors to local constituents?

Surely for a firm like Unified Lawyers that rakes in thousands upon thousands a week for their expertise and representation it would only help their financial cause to continue to bill as per usual?

Well there are a number of benefits for family lawyers in Sydney giving a free consultation that are either obvious or only evident underneath the surface.

They might not pay immediate dividends but there is great value for solicitors who want to use this method as a means of engaging citizens.


Understanding The Sydney Landscape

Solicitors should be aware of community trends and introductions of laws that impact upon their business. Family lawyers in Sydney giving a free consultation are allowing themselves more opportunities to test the waters and understand the city landscape when it comes to rates of divorce, property acquisition, character references, prenuptial agreements, family debt and more. If there are escalations or de-escalations in certain categories then the firm can instigate unique measures and be better prepared for clients walking through the door with these issues.


Improving Personal Performance


Family lawyers in Sydney giving a free consultation have the capacity to learn and develop their own skills internally. Like any professional across any industry, there is a need to update skills and continue to define and craft actions that improve overall performance. One ex wife might need assistance negotiating through a restraining order or an ex husband might be fighting for child custody with a spouse who has moved interstate. Whatever the circumstance may be, their management of that process will be valuable experience to apply for other clients down the road.


Advocating For Further Legal Advice

When clients sit down with family lawyers in Sydney giving a free consultation, one of the common takeaways is that  they are appreciative of the guidance and feedback offered. Given they are professional and impartial arbiters of the case, it always helps to separate the raw emotion from the pure facts. Solicitors therefore can use these opportunities to transition a curious participant to an active one, using their services to advocate for additional representation. Going solo within the realm of family law is not a wise move under any circumstances, and these discussions can affirm that fact.


Value Addition Over Competing Firms

Family lawyers in Sydney giving a free consultation are not always easy to find. For a price there will be a litany of firms who will open their doors in the knowledge they will be paid for their guidance and expertise. Given that terrain, it is always beneficial to offer a service that is not necessarily universal in the industry. This is adding value as a proposition for constituents who are hungry to find outlets that will act in the public good. Just by having these initial talks, it can demonstrate that there is a willingness to provide value for the city community at large.


Building the Brand

There is a broader view for family lawyers in Sydney giving a free consultation – building the brand. Legal firms are businesses at their core and providing a service to the community can be something of a cynical ploy to improve the company standing with clients, investors, stakeholders and other members of the Sydney legal fraternity. Solicitors will always have the skills to market themselves as industry leaders and experts in the field, but that rhetoric falls flat if they are not willing to open their doors to constituents for free consultations.