Are Sydney Criminal Defence Lawyers Worth Your Time?

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Sydney criminal defence lawyers

Sydney criminal defence lawyers are in place for individuals who need representation in criminal matters. From battery to assault charges, fraud, theft, robbery, manslaughter, murder, drunk driving, larceny or kidnapping, there are a host of crimes that fit the bill for a legal professional to represent their client in a court of law.


This will apply to clients from all ends of the city, including Botany in the South to Hornsby in the North, Fairfield in the West and Bronte in the East.


Should you or someone you know find themselves under questioning by police or are facing charges, then Sydney criminal defence lawyers must be called upon to ensure that due diligence and justice is upheld.


Here we will make the argument to explain why this category of professionals are worth your time.

Consults Pathway For Client


Where Sydney criminal defence lawyers really come into their own is to translate the circumstances for the client so they are as simple as it can be presented. From the charges to the consequences of appealing either guilty or not guilty, a plan has to be put in place and agreed upon by the client. Without this structure and schedule to ensure that the individual knows what is happening and the legal implications for the actions, the charged party can be left in the dark and poor decision can be made as a result.

Gathers Evidence


Gathered from the police and the prosecution, a charged individual will be innocent until proven guilty. However, if evidence is presented to convince a judge or jury of their guilty, then it will be up to one of the Sydney criminal defence lawyers to come to the aid of their client with an evidence-based argument. From speaking with key witnesses to gathering documentation and evidence from the scene, a lawyer who is skilled with obtaining important findings can become a decisive asset when a verdict is handed down.

Follows Through on Procedurals


The legal process can become a complicated business. From filing documentation to following through on appeals and issuing procedures, Sydney criminal defence lawyers are tasked with activities that speak to their knowledge of the profession. Without this support network, individuals can miss a series of opportunities where appeals are not heard and deadlines are missed – all scenarios that intimate danger for the charged party.

Advocate in Court


Sydney criminal defence lawyers are the legal advocate for their clients when the prosecution seeks to convict. Not only will they aim to poke holes in their line of argument, but they will utilise the evidence to support their own line of argument. Convincing a judge or jury of innocence requires a strong degree of articulation, interpersonal skills and due diligence to not be surprised by any new evidence. This is where the investment really comes into its own.


Council Post Verdict


Even in the event that one of the Sydney criminal defence lawyers tasked with serving as your council secures a not guilty verdict, there might be rules and stipulations to that decision handed down. Whether it involves a penalty or conditions that have to be met and respected, it is paramount that a client continues their relationship with a legal representative to negotiate these terms.


Many individuals believe that a relationship between a lawyer and themselves should end once a verdict is handed down, but in most cases it is imperative that the pair continues a dialogue. This is especially the case following a guilty verdict, as clients have the right to appeal in most scenarios.



Unless you feel comfortable representing yourself or feel as though there is no evidence to convict you of a crime, then do not call upon any Sydney criminal defence lawyers. However, should you be facing any threat of legal action in a criminal case, then Sydney criminal defence lawyers are worth your time. The consequences for a lost case are not worth considering.