How can a criminal record affect you?

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Criminal record

Everyone makes mistakes, and unfortunately, sometimes the consequences are dire. Having a criminal conviction can limit your opportunities drastically, and it’s something you probably won’t realise until you are affected by it personally. When facing charges that could potentially lead to a criminal record, you should always hire a criminal lawyer to help you with your case. A criminal record … Read More

How the jury panel is selected for a trial

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A jury panel is a crucial part of civil and criminal cases heard in the NSW District and Supreme Courts. Jurors represent the general public, and are essential in determining the outcome of cases involving more serious criminal matters and large monetary claims. Because of this, there is a system in place to help determine the selection of jurors for … Read More

Four common tasks a paralegal is expected to perform

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Paralegals are often thought as an assistant to the lawyer. While this is generally true, paralegals are expected to have specific knowledge in law, and are qualified to perform legal tasks that may overlap with a lawyer’s duties. Paralegals can become qualified by taking a short education course or volunteering in case work for a substantial amount of time. Paralegals … Read More

How to uphold your obligations as a juror

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If you have been chosen to serve as a juror on a trial, it is important that you take your role seriously as your judgement will be impacting on the parties involved. Everyone has the right to a fair trial, and that includes having a fair jury panel. Aside from giving the trial your full attention, there are other obligations … Read More

Five reasons why you should become a lawyer

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Become a lawyer

Becoming a lawyer is no easy path. Studying law at university is notoriously difficult and has a reputation for late nights and headaches. But there is a reason why so many people pursue a career in law despite this track record. Becoming a lawyer has many benefits once you become qualified and start to practice. Here are five reasons why … Read More

Five benefits of Alternative Dispute Resolution

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One of the common mistakes people make when dealing with legal matters is rushing into litigation without considering Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). ADR encompasses different methods such as formal and informal settlement conferences, mediation, arbitration, and conciliation. Many of these methods involve a third party and can resolve issues between parties without involving the courts. ADR has many benefits over … Read More

Benefits of having a prenuptial agreement

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prenuptial agreement

A prenuptial agreement is a binding legal document that ascertains how assets are to be distributed in the event of a relationship split. While raising the idea of drawing up a prenuptial agreement can be a touchy subject, it is often a good document to have just in case. Prenuptial agreements are particularly useful if either partner has children from … Read More

Cybersecurity tips for Corporate Lawyers

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As technology and data have become essential to the function of modern corporate entities, the risk of cyber-attack has been heightened. For many it is no longer a case of if they will be attacked, but when. There are some very real and constant threats to the cybersecurity of a business and a corporate lawyer can find themselves right in … Read More

The Importance of Children’s Rights in Australia

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When it comes to law, not just in Australia but globally, children have always been given the most protection and been considered as high priority. This involves any crime against children. Though some crimes are worse than others, there is no justification for any form of child abuse anywhere in the world. There are countries where children are forced to … Read More

The Law on Intellectual Property

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Intellectual property

It is and always has been important to protect your intellectual property against any disputes or copyright infringements that may present potential damage. This is true not only for the sake of property protection but also in order to provide you with a competitive advantage. The best way to go about protecting your property would be to hire solicitors and … Read More