How to prepare for your legal consultation

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legal consultation

Before you commit to hiring a lawyer to work your case, it is common to have an initial consultation at no financial cost. This consultation will give you an idea of how well-suited the lawyer is to your case.

In order to maximise the benefit of this consultation, and to make sure you don’t misjudge and get stuck with a legal expert that isn’t right for you at all, it is a good idea to come prepared to the consultation.

It is important that you hire someone who you trust with your trial, and your consultation is a big part of determining who you hire. So make sure you’re prepared by following these tips!


Before you even make a consultation, you should’ve researched into the lawyer’s areas of expertise. Make sure that their areas of knowledge and experience fit with the legal area you’re seeking advice about.

From their website, you should be able to get an idea of what they are experienced and knowledgeable in. This will give you some background knowledge to base your questions on and maximise your time in the consultation.


Be prepared to ask questions in your legal consultation. You shouldn’t feel weird asking your lawyer about how much experience they’ve had or what kind of cases they’ve worked on before.

You can ask them what the typical verdict of the cases they’ve worked is. Such questions will give you an idea of how qualified they will be to work on your case.

Legal plan

Asking your potential lawyer about the strategy they have in mind for your case and the expected outcome. It is important you discuss this to ensure that your expectations and plans line up.

Whether you would prefer to choose an alternative dispute resolution method or go to trial, your lawyer’s strategy should be in line with what you want.

Gauge the firm

It is important that your lawyer is someone you feel comfortable with, and that you can trust them to handle your case and keep you updated.

In some situations, the person you meet at the consultation will not be the person who works most on your case. It is important you pose these questions in your consultation, so that you aren’t caught off guard in the future or working with someone different from who you expected.

Knowing who will be working your case and being able to get in touch with them will give you peace of mind about the legal processes.