How can a criminal record affect you?

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Criminal record

Everyone makes mistakes, and unfortunately, sometimes the consequences are dire. Having a criminal conviction can limit your opportunities drastically, and it’s something you probably won’t realise until you are affected by it personally.

When facing charges that could potentially lead to a criminal record, you should always hire a criminal lawyer to help you with your case. A criminal record is not easily wiped away, and it can affect your life in many ways as listed below.

Reduce employment opportunities

Most employers will run a background check on job applicants before employing them in a role. If you have a criminal record, this will show up on a background check and has the potential to deter many employers from accepting you as a worker.

This is even truer for serious criminal records, but generally any criminal record is enough to deter employers. Because of this having a criminal record can reduce your employment opportunities and the likelihood of being employed.

Restrict housing options

Many landlords or property owners want to know that their tenants are trustworthy and one of things they will base their judgement on is a background check.

Having a criminal record can restrict your ability to have stable, good living quarters as landlords may be reluctant to accept you as a tenant.

Reputation in the community

Having a criminal record may also result in social consequences – if members of the community gain knowledge of it, you might be isolated from certain parts of the community.

Being excluded from family or community events might result due to a criminal record.

Restrict overseas travel

A criminal record can make it much more difficult to obtain a visa to enter a country. Many overseas governments conduct a criminal check before issuing someone a visa, so having a criminal record will be an obstacle in the process.

In some cases, in stricter countries, this could prevent you from being able to obtain a visa and thus restrict the places you can travel to.

Prevent adoption

Adoption agencies are extremely particular with the potential guardians of children. A long process with many interviews and checks is conducted before you are able to adopt a child.

The result of the application can be affected enormously if an applicant has a criminal record. In the eyes of the agency, this record may demonstrate a risk in providing a safe environment for the child.