Help prepare for your day in court with a drink driving lawyer in Melbourne

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drink driving lawyer in Melbourne

For many people out there, they will be in the months, weeks, or days leading up their day in court. While this can be a good thing (especially for those who have been waiting for a date for a long time), many people will let their nerves get the better of them because they are scared of negative outcomes. Such outcomes can be community service, jail time, hefty fines, the installation of an interlock system, loss of licence, or something else entirely.  Furthermore, for some things will have been drawn out over such a long period of time that they are eager to finally get some resolve so that they can move on with their lives. For these people, they will feel nervous that something will happen where their court case will be moved or adjourned once again. No matter the reason for feeling nervous, the good news is that people are easily able to implement support in the form of a drink driving lawyer in Melbourne. A drink driving lawyer in Melbourne is a professional who specialises in crime. They are the best people to see when needing to prepare for a day in court and they will give the best advice on how to proceed.

A drink driving lawyer in Melbourne can work with their client to make a plan

A drink driving lawyer is able to work one-on-one with their client so they can have a plan moving forward and leading up to their day in court. For example, they can figure out exactly what they are able to wear. A drink driving lawyer in Melbourne may advise that they need to wear a long-sleeve shirt to cover up their tattoos, that they remove any visible piercings, and that they are well groomed for their big day. Most judges will expect that the person at hand will respect their courtroom and that they dress appropriately. A drink driving lawyer in Melbourne may also advise to bring a family member along with them for support such as their mother or another relative. In addition to all of this, they will go through with their client what questions they are likely to be asked. They will explain to them how they can best respond and that they need to practice keeping their emotions in check.

A drink driving lawyer will advise on what kinds of documentation to bring

For many people who are facing such a charge, they will need to ensure that they don’t lose their licence as they will need it to get to work. When this is the case, some documentation may be handy to get. For example, they can get a signed letter from their current employer stating that they will need a licence and vehicle to continue with their work. Similarly, they may need a signed letter from their spouse which gives the reasons why they are unable to work instead and why the person at hand is the sole provider. A person may need to prove that they were under a lot of stress or financial strain at the time of the incident, and this will also need to be proven. These types of things will all be gone through with the professional attorney so that everyone involved will be crystal clear about what they need to bring on the big day. More often than not, this will help people feel more confident leading up to the day and will reduce the amount of anxiety that they may have.