The Legal System of Australia

Courtney KimLegal System


Let’s be real, a legal system in any country provides a sense of safety, fairness and above all else structure to the given country. If you think about Australia, a first world country, and one that has one of the best legal and justice systems, it’s a sure thing that the world wants to know how. Now, of course, each and every country in the world has their set of problems when it comes to crime, violence and well, breaking the law but Australia’s version of it seems incredibly different when compared to the rest of the world and here’s why.

If a legal system can be described as a framework of rules and various institutions that work together to support one another and protect their country, then it’s a sure thing that the Aussie land has it all locked down.

A legal system also includes regulating the society of a country and creating rules that regulate and organise activities between the people of that country, as well as the State’s legal systems.

Laws in a Country

Laws are created, mainly to govern a society. These are usually found on the ideas of both rights and duties that are given to each citizen of the country. Some of the most important laws are the right for each and every citizen to work in a safe environment without interference, as well as have the necessary access to supportive services such as counselling and welfare. One of the biggest laws might be that each individual must be valued and free of discrimination, which is a subject that is taken very seriously in Australia.

Principles of the Legal System in Australia

While founded on the concepts of law, there are three highlighted principles of the Australian legal system which include fairness, equality before the law, as well as justice.

In order for a law to be created and implemented in the right way, they should be understood by the majority, reflect the common values of all and should be implemented in a fast and effective manner.


Looking at Australian law, the one thing that is most focused on, which is also due to the terrible occurrences in history when it comes to oppression and inequality, is equality. Australia believes that every individual in Australia, as well as the world, should be treated in the same respective manner. With that being said, all must also be allowed to enjoy the same rights and opportunities as everyone else. Australia has established themselves as an equal society and cares for all its people in the same way.


This aspect of Australia’s law is aimed towards achieving equal outcomes for all the country’s citizens. This aspect is also focused on helping and handling proceeding that involves different people from different cultural backgrounds and overall, strives to accept every resident and visitor in Australia.





Justice serves as the combination of fairness, equality and human rights. It involves laws of punishment that is applied to preserve the entire platform of legislation and laws in Australia.

Australia is definitely considered to be one country that has developed into its optimal state. When compared to others, its law structure focuses on the most important things that other countries governance might take for granted. You can’t put a price on equality, fairness or justice. Either the job is done right, and a country thrives, or not.