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Where Inexperienced Clients Find a Divorce Lawyer in Sydney

Where Inexperienced Clients Find a Divorce Lawyer in Sydney

Men and women who don’t have any point of reference with a divorce lawyer in Sydney might be confused about what they are looking for exactly.

Although there are no guarantees given in a legal case, the better the level of representation for a divorce case, the better the chances of walking away with a great outcome.

From child custody and visitation rights to property settlements, division of accounts and beyond, there is a lot at play in these circumstances.

We will offer some important insights for inexperienced clients that want to know what features to examine with these professionals.

Legal Associations & Networks

Inexperienced clients who are in the market for a divorce lawyer in Sydney might start their journey with various legal associations and networks in their area. When professionals need to receive their accreditations and renew their legal license, this is the domain that they often use. While staff at these centres won’t be in a position to offer direct referrals for conflict of interest, they can still outline who is practicing and who is available for consultations.

Online Searches

The easiest place to begin with a search for a divorce lawyer in Sydney is to run a quick check online. Just by typing a few keywords into Google, men and women will be presented with a list of specialists who are popular and attract market attention. Outlets will be presented across search engines, social media sites and legal apps that help to delineate who ranks well out of 5-stars and who receives the most glowing reviews for their performance in a divorce case.

Personal Referrals

Among the many ways that community members can close the gap between inexperience and experience with a divorce lawyer in Sydney, it will be the inclusion of a strong personal referral from a trusted source. If a close friend or family member offers a glowing recommendation of their services given their oversight and management of a divorce case, that will hold them in good esteem moving forward. These referrals are not always easy to come by, nor are they always recent enough to carry currency, but if they can be acquired, it is important to take onboard as much information as possible.

Community Groups

Sydney divorce lawyer

Single parent groups and other community groups can be a good place to pinpoint a reliable and trustworthy divorce lawyer in Sydney. With so many mothers and fathers looking for solutions to reach an agreement with their former spouse, this is a domain where a lot of experience exists. For people who want someone to talk to, this is a place worth exploring.

Marketing Messages

There are many cases where Sydney constituents don’t approach divorce representatives. They will be the ones who actually make their name and brand known to constituents courtesy of marketing messages. Firms in this field have to fight a number of battles to make themselves a known entity in this context because there is such strong competition amongst providers that they decide to make the effort.

Direct Consultations

Those participants who have inexperience with a divorce lawyer in Sydney are best advised to actually book an initial appointment with a provider and have a discussion with them. These sessions are 100% private and confidential, yet it is the best method to gauge their authenticity and availability. While there are certain checks and balances that offer background on a representative, there is nothing like engaging them one-on-one to determine if they are a suitable fit moving forward.


The key to the exercise when finding a divorce lawyer in Sydney is not to limit the search to one piece of evidence. Take details from a range of sources to ensure that a thorough background check has been completed.

Choosing an Appropriate Outdoor Dining Set for your Space

Choosing an Appropriate Outdoor Dining Set for your Space

Outdoor furniture is essential in your home space as it provides an excellent spot for resting and relaxation. Many people prefer outdoor activities, especially in the hot periods, to help deal with the heat in the house. For this reason, one needs to have comfortable outdoor furniture that they will retire to whenever they feel the need to rest.

In this article, we focus on the outdoor dining set and how important it is for you to get the right one for your space. Read on to find out more.

What is an Outdoor Dining Set?

An outdoor dining set refers to the furniture that is kept outside your home or patio for eating and entertainment. The outdoor set adds a dash of style to your outdoor area and can also serve as a comfortable place to take a rest while engaging in outdoor activities. In the evenings, the sunset can be quite exciting to watch and an outdoor dining set is a perfect place to wait for it.

Outdoor dining sets don’t come cheap. There are plenty of factors and details added that make them suitable for the outdoors, and that is why they are costly. Choosing the best outdoor dining set is, therefore, most ideal.

Factors to consider when getting an Outdoor Dining Set

Appropriate outdoor dining set

·         The space outside

The first thing you need to factor in when buying an outdoor dining set is the available space outside your home. This is important as it will determine the size, shape, and style of the set you get. The dining sets for the outdoors are found in various shapes, sizes, and designs to enable you to pick the best that matches your space. Don’t go for an extremely large set when your outdoor space is limited, as this will compromise the space to move around.

·         Material

As mentioned earlier, there are plenty of factors in the outdoors that may affect the choice of an outdoor dining set. Therefore, you should pay close attention to the material of the furniture as it determines the style, durability, and also maintenance. Outdoor sets feature plenty of materials that are built to withstand the harshness of the outdoors. Wood, plastic, glass, steel, aluminum, and synthetic resin are the common materials used in making outdoor dining sets. When choosing the material, consider how the climatic factors will impact the furniture over time. After getting the right material, choose weatherproof or fade-free after materials to help increase the lifespan of the dining set.

·         Weight

The weight of an outdoor dining set is also an important factor to consider. While plastic dining sets are ideal for easy portability, they are fairly light that strong winds can displace them. Heavier options are great, but when it comes to rearranging them, you will need more than a set of two hands.

·         Design

The design also matters a great deal, especially when it comes to storing and making space. Foldable sets and stackable chairs are the perfect choices in this situation as they provide instant storage and portability convenience. Multipurpose dining sets also make the perfect outdoor furniture as they also offer plenty of storage and use in the outdoors.

·         Maintenance

Aside from climatic impacts, other factors such as stains and spills can minimize the longevity of an outdoor dining set. Just ensure your dining set is easy to clean to prevent mildew and dirt buildup.

·         Comfort

Comfort is top precedence when it comes to any type of furniture. Sunsets are best enjoyed on a comfortable outdoor dining set.


Once you know what you need in an outdoor dining set, making a buying decision is easy and fast. The above factors can help you know which one to pick.

What Do Family Lawyers in Sydney Giving a Free Consultation Stand To Gain?


What do family lawyers in Sydney giving a free consultation stand to gain from opening their doors to local constituents?

Surely for a firm like Unified Lawyers that rakes in thousands upon thousands a week for their expertise and representation it would only help their financial cause to continue to bill as per usual?

Well there are a number of benefits for family lawyers in Sydney giving a free consultation that are either obvious or only evident underneath the surface.

They might not pay immediate dividends but there is great value for solicitors who want to use this method as a means of engaging citizens.


Understanding The Sydney Landscape

Solicitors should be aware of community trends and introductions of laws that impact upon their business. Family lawyers in Sydney giving a free consultation are allowing themselves more opportunities to test the waters and understand the city landscape when it comes to rates of divorce, property acquisition, character references, prenuptial agreements, family debt and more. If there are escalations or de-escalations in certain categories then the firm can instigate unique measures and be better prepared for clients walking through the door with these issues.


Improving Personal Performance


Family lawyers in Sydney giving a free consultation have the capacity to learn and develop their own skills internally. Like any professional across any industry, there is a need to update skills and continue to define and craft actions that improve overall performance. One ex wife might need assistance negotiating through a restraining order or an ex husband might be fighting for child custody with a spouse who has moved interstate. Whatever the circumstance may be, their management of that process will be valuable experience to apply for other clients down the road.


Advocating For Further Legal Advice

When clients sit down with family lawyers in Sydney giving a free consultation, one of the common takeaways is that  they are appreciative of the guidance and feedback offered. Given they are professional and impartial arbiters of the case, it always helps to separate the raw emotion from the pure facts. Solicitors therefore can use these opportunities to transition a curious participant to an active one, using their services to advocate for additional representation. Going solo within the realm of family law is not a wise move under any circumstances, and these discussions can affirm that fact.


Value Addition Over Competing Firms

Family lawyers in Sydney giving a free consultation are not always easy to find. For a price there will be a litany of firms who will open their doors in the knowledge they will be paid for their guidance and expertise. Given that terrain, it is always beneficial to offer a service that is not necessarily universal in the industry. This is adding value as a proposition for constituents who are hungry to find outlets that will act in the public good. Just by having these initial talks, it can demonstrate that there is a willingness to provide value for the city community at large.


Building the Brand

There is a broader view for family lawyers in Sydney giving a free consultation – building the brand. Legal firms are businesses at their core and providing a service to the community can be something of a cynical ploy to improve the company standing with clients, investors, stakeholders and other members of the Sydney legal fraternity. Solicitors will always have the skills to market themselves as industry leaders and experts in the field, but that rhetoric falls flat if they are not willing to open their doors to constituents for free consultations.


What All Divorce Lawyers In Bella Vista Should Have In Common

When it comes to certain subjects, people will need to need to put in a little bit of time in order to garner a basic understanding. This is usually the case when people haven’t completed any relevant studies in a certain area or when they haven’t come across that subject before. For instance, there are some people out there who have never had a legal issue in their life and so won’t know anything when it comes to the legal system as well as when it comes to hiring divorce lawyers in Bella Vista.

It can be helpful for people to learn more about this subject when they find themselves in a position where they need to seek out legal advice. This can help them feel more prepared and they can have a better understanding of the kinds of professionals that they should be working with. For instance, someone who is going through a separation, divorce, or child-custody battle will need to implement the support of divorce lawyers in Bella Vista. Whether people need to find a representative to act on their behalf or simply need advice, there are a few things that professional attorneys will have in common no matter who people end up hiring.


All divorce layers in Bella Vista and surrounds will have completed the necessary education and will be registered

What all divorce lawyers in Bella Vista will have in common is that they will have completed the necessary education. This means that no one professional will be more qualified than another. Having said this, some will participate in extra curricular courses in order to stay above the rest.

They will have completed a relevant bachelor’s degree that is recognized by their state or territory. Whatever the course may be, it will need to have covered the Priestly 11 which are the 11 areas of the basic knowledge required in order to practice in Australia. Once students have completed this relevant course, they will need to complete the next step in order to become a practicing attorney.

They will then need to complete a certain amount of training that will allow them to work under a supervised and already qualified professional. This will allow them to get hands on experience and will ensure that they are getting into a field that they enjoy. Once this completed, they are able to apply to the board in order to practice.


All divorce lawyers in Bella Vista will have experience in their relevant field

What can give many people peace of mind is that fact that the people they end up choosing to work with will likely have many years of experience in their chosen and relevant field. This means that someone who is needing help with divorce issues will work with someone who has dealt with many similar cases. This is because those who are just starting out will be known as juniors and will still be working side by side with more experienced attorneys.

As this is the case, the chances are that when people implement the support of divorce lawyers in Bella Vista, they are likely hiring someone who has many years in the field and will be the best person to take on the task at hand. If people are ever curious about someone’s previous cases, all they have to do is request this information when they have an initial consultation with someone. This way they can ensure that they find someone to work with that they feel completely comfortable with and confident in.

Family Lawyers Can Help

Hiring an attorney to help you with professional advice is a big decision. Not one to be taken lightly, it will, firstly, cost you a lot of money but secondly, eat into your time. Meetings will run over, while you’ll be asked to collect evidence of different transactions to fight your case. It will not be a pleasant experience but in the end, it will be for the best. An attorney has many qualities some of which are outlined below.


The best family lawyers Sydney will be understanding. They have seen this situation over and over again. You are not the first, and you will not be the last to come through their doors asking for help. They know exactly what is required from them as both a legal expert and at times a friend and counselor. You have paid for their service so in theory they have to do what you want them to. However, they have the experience and knowledge of the law to know what is legal and illegal. Tensions run high in family disputes so as tempting as it may be to call up a family member telling them how annoyed you are at them; your representative will be the first to tell you this isn’t the smartest action to take and will point you in the right direction.


The best family lawyers in Sydney will be able to take you through the process step by step. There is plenty of paperwork to be done, mostly by your representative, with some of your input. There will be deadlines to be met too. Your attorney will do all this for you while keeping you abreast of the situation at hand. At no point will you be out of the loop, wondering what stage of the process you’re at.


Attorneys are natural communicators or, so they should be. The best family lawyers in Sydney have spent years arguing their cases to judges. They know how to get their point across and in the same manner they know what to communicate to you and when. They realize this is a high-pressure environment and for most people the worst period of their lives. The best family lawyers in Sydney will make you feel relaxed as possible about everything that is happening, ensuring you feel that the case is being handled by an expert of his trade.


Most involved in a family dispute or a case that may end up with them rarely seeing their children, would never wish it upon their worst enemy. Feelings of fear and nervousness take over. The future is uncertain, and it is this uncertainty that drives the all-consuming negative emotions. It is a situation that is enough to force many to the brink. However, the best family lawyers in Sydney will make you feel as if everything will work out for the best. And if they do their job correctly it will.


It’s important to remember the best family lawyers in Sydney won’t come cheap. Working on an hourly rate, you should be prepared to hand over a lot of money. It should all be worth it in the end though. They will spend hours researching your case, making sure they know the particulars, the legal theory and the precedent that may help you. The best family lawyers in Sydney will save you money in the long run. You can be guaranteed the settlement they reach for you will be the best possible outcome, one that you probably didn’t think you were going to arrive at, and one that seemed impossible just weeks before.


Help prepare for your day in court with a drink driving lawyer in Melbourne

drink driving lawyer in Melbourne

For many people out there, they will be in the months, weeks, or days leading up their day in court. While this can be a good thing (especially for those who have been waiting for a date for a long time), many people will let their nerves get the better of them because they are scared of negative outcomes. Such outcomes can be community service, jail time, hefty fines, the installation of an interlock system, loss of licence, or something else entirely.  Furthermore, for some things will have been drawn out over such a long period of time that they are eager to finally get some resolve so that they can move on with their lives. For these people, they will feel nervous that something will happen where their court case will be moved or adjourned once again. No matter the reason for feeling nervous, the good news is that people are easily able to implement support in the form of a drink driving lawyer in Melbourne. A drink driving lawyer in Melbourne is a professional who specialises in crime. They are the best people to see when needing to prepare for a day in court and they will give the best advice on how to proceed.

A drink driving lawyer in Melbourne can work with their client to make a plan

A drink driving lawyer is able to work one-on-one with their client so they can have a plan moving forward and leading up to their day in court. For example, they can figure out exactly what they are able to wear. A drink driving lawyer in Melbourne may advise that they need to wear a long-sleeve shirt to cover up their tattoos, that they remove any visible piercings, and that they are well groomed for their big day. Most judges will expect that the person at hand will respect their courtroom and that they dress appropriately. A drink driving lawyer in Melbourne may also advise to bring a family member along with them for support such as their mother or another relative. In addition to all of this, they will go through with their client what questions they are likely to be asked. They will explain to them how they can best respond and that they need to practice keeping their emotions in check.

A drink driving lawyer will advise on what kinds of documentation to bring

For many people who are facing such a charge, they will need to ensure that they don’t lose their licence as they will need it to get to work. When this is the case, some documentation may be handy to get. For example, they can get a signed letter from their current employer stating that they will need a licence and vehicle to continue with their work. Similarly, they may need a signed letter from their spouse which gives the reasons why they are unable to work instead and why the person at hand is the sole provider. A person may need to prove that they were under a lot of stress or financial strain at the time of the incident, and this will also need to be proven. These types of things will all be gone through with the professional attorney so that everyone involved will be crystal clear about what they need to bring on the big day. More often than not, this will help people feel more confident leading up to the day and will reduce the amount of anxiety that they may have.

Are Sydney Criminal Defence Lawyers Worth Your Time?

Sydney criminal defence lawyers

Sydney criminal defence lawyers are in place for individuals who need representation in criminal matters. From battery to assault charges, fraud, theft, robbery, manslaughter, murder, drunk driving, larceny or kidnapping, there are a host of crimes that fit the bill for a legal professional to represent their client in a court of law.


This will apply to clients from all ends of the city, including Botany in the South to Hornsby in the North, Fairfield in the West and Bronte in the East.


Should you or someone you know find themselves under questioning by police or are facing charges, then Sydney criminal defence lawyers must be called upon to ensure that due diligence and justice is upheld.


Here we will make the argument to explain why this category of professionals are worth your time.

Consults Pathway For Client


Where Sydney criminal defence lawyers really come into their own is to translate the circumstances for the client so they are as simple as it can be presented. From the charges to the consequences of appealing either guilty or not guilty, a plan has to be put in place and agreed upon by the client. Without this structure and schedule to ensure that the individual knows what is happening and the legal implications for the actions, the charged party can be left in the dark and poor decision can be made as a result.

Gathers Evidence


Gathered from the police and the prosecution, a charged individual will be innocent until proven guilty. However, if evidence is presented to convince a judge or jury of their guilty, then it will be up to one of the Sydney criminal defence lawyers to come to the aid of their client with an evidence-based argument. From speaking with key witnesses to gathering documentation and evidence from the scene, a lawyer who is skilled with obtaining important findings can become a decisive asset when a verdict is handed down.

Follows Through on Procedurals


The legal process can become a complicated business. From filing documentation to following through on appeals and issuing procedures, Sydney criminal defence lawyers are tasked with activities that speak to their knowledge of the profession. Without this support network, individuals can miss a series of opportunities where appeals are not heard and deadlines are missed – all scenarios that intimate danger for the charged party.

Advocate in Court


Sydney criminal defence lawyers are the legal advocate for their clients when the prosecution seeks to convict. Not only will they aim to poke holes in their line of argument, but they will utilise the evidence to support their own line of argument. Convincing a judge or jury of innocence requires a strong degree of articulation, interpersonal skills and due diligence to not be surprised by any new evidence. This is where the investment really comes into its own.


Council Post Verdict


Even in the event that one of the Sydney criminal defence lawyers tasked with serving as your council secures a not guilty verdict, there might be rules and stipulations to that decision handed down. Whether it involves a penalty or conditions that have to be met and respected, it is paramount that a client continues their relationship with a legal representative to negotiate these terms.


Many individuals believe that a relationship between a lawyer and themselves should end once a verdict is handed down, but in most cases it is imperative that the pair continues a dialogue. This is especially the case following a guilty verdict, as clients have the right to appeal in most scenarios.



Unless you feel comfortable representing yourself or feel as though there is no evidence to convict you of a crime, then do not call upon any Sydney criminal defence lawyers. However, should you be facing any threat of legal action in a criminal case, then Sydney criminal defence lawyers are worth your time. The consequences for a lost case are not worth considering.


Why you need property lawyers in Campbelltown

property lawyers in Campbelltown

Buying a home or commercial building entails the transfer of a significant sum of money. This means that you want to be in the best hands possible. Hiring property lawyers in Campbelltown when you are purchasing land will provide you with the confidence that you are getting a fair deal and know everything there is to know about the investment.

The last thing you want is to find things in the home or building that you were unaware of that aren’t included in the contract and could end up costing you thousands of dollars. Gryphon Lawyers – property lawyers Campbelltown – will help you to avoid these issues and ensure you are getting a quality investment.

Let’s look at a few of the reasons why you need property lawyers in Campbelltown.

The legal expertise

This may seem like the most obvious point but all too often people think that they know all of the legal elements of buying a home or commercial office and the purchasing process. Of course, this isn’t true and you may find yourself wondering why certain elements of the house weren’t included in the sale and potential plumbing or flooring costs. Experienced property lawyers in Campbelltown have the legal expertise required to advise you on the elements that will be included in the sale and help you through potential inspections from other professionals such as plumbers or pest control.

Quality of the property

This isn’t necessarily in the job description for property lawyers in Campbelltown but they will have a reasonable understanding having walked through numerous properties before. The major point on this one is about knowing the appropriate steps to take if you or they identify any elements that may be weak or questionable in terms of the sale price and being fixed prior to the sale or accounted for in the sale price. Much of this is to be included in the contract which is detailed below.

Signing the contract

When you are finally ready to commit to the purchase, a contract will be drawn up and it needs to be thoroughly analysed. This is probably the most important step and the crucial reason as to why you need property lawyers in Campbelltown.

There are many parts to a contract and you want to make sure that you understand each and every one of the parts. They can relate to the condition of the home, any unforeseen costs and the requirements of the current owners in readying the home or office for you. It is important that this is read through thoroughly and property lawyers in Campbelltown will be able to point out any questionable statements and answer any questions you may have regarding the contract.

Handing over the keys

When it comes to actually handing over the keys you want to know that you will be able to move in on the specified date. Your property lawyer in Campbelltown will help you to ensure that this happens. There are so many logistical issues when it comes to taking over a new home or office whether you are going to live in it yourself, renovate or lease it out you want to know the exact date that you are able to take over and ensure that this happens so that you don’t run into additional renting costs at your current home or additional labour costs in pushing back the workers on your renovation.

Property lawyers in Campbelltown will help to ensure that you are getting the best deal on your new home. There can be a lot of stress in dealing with large sums of money and walking into a new home wanting everything to be perfect. The property lawyers in Campbelltown will help make this happen.

What will my gay divorce lawyer do?

Gay divorce lawyer

Filing for an annulment is often a stressful time as individuals now have to worry about their own finances and assets without the support and combined wealth of their partner. A gay divorce lawyer in Sydney is likely to provide support and the professional legal advice to help you get through with a successful outcome.

The recent legalisation of same sex marriage has granted those same sex couples the same legal marriage and relationship rights as heterosexual couples. This of course opens up an array of legal matters and potential legal issues and that is where a gay divorce lawyer comes in.

There are a few legal restrictions when it comes to legally separating from your partner as the state wants every marriage to be worked through and continued. Thus, in order to successfully legally separate from your partner there must be no reasonable grounds for which the relationship can be recovered.

The couple must satisfy the following conditions to file for legal separation and hence require a gay divorce lawyer;

  • The separation of the couple is long term and permanent
  • Both individuals must have been separated for at least 12 months before an official application can be filed
  • The couple must prove that they are no longer participating in a functional relationship
  • Same sex couples have access to the Australia family legal system, and a gay divorce lawyer, regardless of when the marriage was affirmed.

Once you have satisfied the requirements of filing for annulment, your gay divorce lawyer will inform you of the application process and the subsequent hearing. It is here that the court will re-evaluate the circumstances for the annulment.

The initial hearing does not deal with any of the settlement of property or child custody as this is required to be conducted during a separate case.

On top of this, there are a few things that you need to consider before filing for an annulment and hiring a gay divorce lawyer;

  • In Australia, there is no rule that states there is ‘no fault divorce’ which essentially means that the legal system does not take into account the circumstances leading to the separation of the couple. For example, should one of the partners commit infidelity, the court will not consider this in granting the annulment.
  • There is a requirement that the separation is clearly communicated between partners so that it is evident that you are no longer together.
  • The living arrangements of children under the age of 18 needs to be satisfactory before the court can approve the order. Proceedings of custody etc. can begin immediately after separation. For this case, a gay divorce lawyer will be suitable as they have knowledge in family legal matters.
  • Property is similar to the children aspect in that the settlement can be conducted as soon as separation has been finalised by the couple. An alternative solicitor may be necessary in this instance in order to ensure they have the required knowledge.
  • Prenuptial agreements can be set aside if they are not equitable or the couples’ financial circumstances have changed.

Having a gay divorce lawyer advise you along the way is important for not only the legal proceedings but your own wellbeing also. A professional that has experience in the field is likely to reduce the stress that can often weigh people down at this time and instil confidence that everything is going to be ok.

Ultimately, a gay divorce lawyer is there for you and can inform you of the requirements for the annulment proceedings and also the appropriate courses of action when it comes to children and property. You want to make sure that the result of the case is fair and just and therefore having a professional by your side can go a long way to making this happen.

How to prepare for your legal consultation

legal consultation

Before you commit to hiring a lawyer to work your case, it is common to have an initial consultation at no financial cost. This consultation will give you an idea of how well-suited the lawyer is to your case.

In order to maximise the benefit of this consultation, and to make sure you don’t misjudge and get stuck with a legal expert that isn’t right for you at all, it is a good idea to come prepared to the consultation.

It is important that you hire someone who you trust with your trial, and your consultation is a big part of determining who you hire. So make sure you’re prepared by following these tips!


Before you even make a consultation, you should’ve researched into the lawyer’s areas of expertise. Make sure that their areas of knowledge and experience fit with the legal area you’re seeking advice about.

From their website, you should be able to get an idea of what they are experienced and knowledgeable in. This will give you some background knowledge to base your questions on and maximise your time in the consultation.


Be prepared to ask questions in your legal consultation. You shouldn’t feel weird asking your lawyer about how much experience they’ve had or what kind of cases they’ve worked on before.

You can ask them what the typical verdict of the cases they’ve worked is. Such questions will give you an idea of how qualified they will be to work on your case.

Legal plan

Asking your potential lawyer about the strategy they have in mind for your case and the expected outcome. It is important you discuss this to ensure that your expectations and plans line up.

Whether you would prefer to choose an alternative dispute resolution method or go to trial, your lawyer’s strategy should be in line with what you want.

Gauge the firm

It is important that your lawyer is someone you feel comfortable with, and that you can trust them to handle your case and keep you updated.

In some situations, the person you meet at the consultation will not be the person who works most on your case. It is important you pose these questions in your consultation, so that you aren’t caught off guard in the future or working with someone different from who you expected.

Knowing who will be working your case and being able to get in touch with them will give you peace of mind about the legal processes.

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