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Cybersecurity tips for Corporate Lawyers

As technology and data have become essential to the function of modern corporate entities, the risk of cyber-attack has been heightened. For many it is no longer a case of if they will be attacked, but when.

There are some very real and constant threats to the cybersecurity of a business and a corporate lawyer can find themselves right in the middle of it. But why would a lawyer need to worry about technology?

In truth, law firms and legal departments are some of the most highly targeted by cyber-attacks because of the sensitive information they have access to. Data on mergers, acquisitions, patents and new products are often available to lawyers, making them a prime target for data breaches.

For these reasons corporate lawyers need to remain vigilant and up to date with the company’s cybersecurity.

Understand the technology of your company

While you may understand your company’s business, you might not have any clue about how their digital infrastructure works. Do you know what is done with the data that’s collected and shared throughout the company?

If the answer is no, then you should investigate this as much as you can. Determine what the company’s cyber policies are and make sure your practises are in line with it.

Make sure you know your vendors

It’s important to be aware of which vendors your company associates with and who they contract with so as to avoid liability issues. If a vendor stores data from your company it pays to know what that data is and how they use it.

The relationship between the company and its vendors can be one of the first places to find flaws in data security. If you notice something that could be exploited by a malicious party, let management know about it.

Improve your own data security measures

Think about what your data protection practises are and do your best to improve upon them. Make sure that you are secure across all of the computers, tablets and phones you may use.

If one of your devices was lost or stolen, would a malicious party be able to access confidential information? What kind of information do you have that could be used against the company?

Asking these questions and practising ongoing data vigilance is important for protecting the company’s data. It only takes one weak link for a huge data breach to severely cripple a company.

The Importance of Children’s Rights in Australia

When it comes to law, not just in Australia but globally, children have always been given the most protection and been considered as high priority. This involves any crime against children. Though some crimes are worse than others, there is no justification for any form of child abuse anywhere in the world.

There are countries where children are forced to do unimaginable things and get treated like no true mother would ever imagine. Some even get hurt or die as a result of the violence and presence of negligence in their own homes.

From a 7-year old boy in the Middle Eastern war gets told to hold a bomb, there are countless more children all around the world that suffer from some sort of abuse. Is there a justification for it? We can’t and won’t ever be able to think of one. All we, and every other country, can do is focus on keeping children safe and increase the effort of keeping children from other countries safe as we do our own.

The Commitment Towards Protecting Children’s Rights in Australia

Although protecting children has always been important in Australia, in the year of 1989, the UN General Assembly joined the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) which is noticed as one of the biggest human rights treaties globally. This treaty is signed by the majority of the world and excludes countries such as Somalia and the United States.

Ever since this treaty has been accepted in Australia, the country has the duty of ensuring the safety of Australian children and provide to them in such a manner that they enjoy all of the rights as stated in the treaty.

Important Principles of the CRC



Some of the most important principles of the treaty were set up to ensure the safety, freedom and education of all children.

These are four main principles that must be complied with and protected.

  • Make children a primary consideration and priority, as well as respect their interests. This includes all decisions that are made on behalf of children.
  • Protecting the right that all children have the right to development and survival.
  • Children have the right to express their individual views freely on all matters that affect them.
  • Children have the right to enjoy all rights implemented by the CRC without any discrimination.

Since signing the treaty with the CRC, Australia has made a commitment towards the country’s children and has to report about their rights to the UN every 5 years.

This agreement allows for the UN to monitor both Australia and the majority of countries around the world that are committed to the protection and promotion of children’s rights globally. Receiving feedback on the right of children in each country allows the UN the opportunity to furthermore develop the planning and policies, as well as raise more awareness, regarding children’s rights.

The Law on Intellectual Property

Intellectual property

It is and always has been important to protect your intellectual property against any disputes or copyright infringements that may present potential damage. This is true not only for the sake of property protection but also in order to provide you with a competitive advantage.

The best way to go about protecting your property would be to hire solicitors and in doing so also enforce your legal rights against those who seek an opportunity to infringe them or act on your behalf once an infringement claim is made against you.

Understanding Intellectual Property Law

Few tend to understand the term ‘intellectual property’. This is due to the definition of ‘property’ which refers to something you own. Intellectual property cannot be described as something physical but rather your ideas. The laws on the intellectual property thus include the safekeeping of your ideas. These ideas include designs, names, brands, images, symbols and literary work.

If ever you have created an ‘idea’ and invested your time, thinking and personality into it, whether it be for the development of a brand, service or product which can all add to your creative work, intellectual property tends to get a lot more serious. It provides a platform in law that protects your exclusive use of that idea. Once you’ve established your brand, product, service or creation, the law of intellectual property protects your property against the misuse of others, especially competitors.

Different Intellectual Property Rights


Trademarks – As an aspect that can be protected by intellectual property laws, trademarks usually refer to the name of your brand, as well as a logo. This law will also help protects the products and services that belong to your brand.

Copyright – The automatic right that exists within the creative works which will the manner your idea is represented

Designs unique to you – These are the preparations and layouts of your products and services. Intellectual property laws help protect your designs as they can very easily be copied.

Articles, content and creative work – Anything that can possibly be published under your name can also be protected by the law.

Services Provided by Solicitors to Enforce the Laws of Your Intellectual Property

Solicitors will provide you with a range of services to protect your ideas. These include the registering of your trademarks, advising on product names, images and designs which should be registered as trademarks, reviewing agreements, as well as creating new ones that protects your intellectual property, consulting with a patent attorney for the registration of your patents, enforcing your rights regarding property, opposing the registration of competitor trademarks that are similar to yours, reviewing your property’s protection before making business sales and conducting property audits in order to assess the protection of all your property.

The Legal System of Australia


Let’s be real, a legal system in any country provides a sense of safety, fairness and above all else structure to the given country. If you think about Australia, a first world country, and one that has one of the best legal and justice systems, it’s a sure thing that the world wants to know how. Now, of course, each and every country in the world has their set of problems when it comes to crime, violence and well, breaking the law but Australia’s version of it seems incredibly different when compared to the rest of the world and here’s why.

If a legal system can be described as a framework of rules and various institutions that work together to support one another and protect their country, then it’s a sure thing that the Aussie land has it all locked down.

A legal system also includes regulating the society of a country and creating rules that regulate and organise activities between the people of that country, as well as the State’s legal systems.

Laws in a Country

Laws are created, mainly to govern a society. These are usually found on the ideas of both rights and duties that are given to each citizen of the country. Some of the most important laws are the right for each and every citizen to work in a safe environment without interference, as well as have the necessary access to supportive services such as counselling and welfare. One of the biggest laws might be that each individual must be valued and free of discrimination, which is a subject that is taken very seriously in Australia.

Principles of the Legal System in Australia

While founded on the concepts of law, there are three highlighted principles of the Australian legal system which include fairness, equality before the law, as well as justice.

In order for a law to be created and implemented in the right way, they should be understood by the majority, reflect the common values of all and should be implemented in a fast and effective manner.


Looking at Australian law, the one thing that is most focused on, which is also due to the terrible occurrences in history when it comes to oppression and inequality, is equality. Australia believes that every individual in Australia, as well as the world, should be treated in the same respective manner. With that being said, all must also be allowed to enjoy the same rights and opportunities as everyone else. Australia has established themselves as an equal society and cares for all its people in the same way.


This aspect of Australia’s law is aimed towards achieving equal outcomes for all the country’s citizens. This aspect is also focused on helping and handling proceeding that involves different people from different cultural backgrounds and overall, strives to accept every resident and visitor in Australia.





Justice serves as the combination of fairness, equality and human rights. It involves laws of punishment that is applied to preserve the entire platform of legislation and laws in Australia.

Australia is definitely considered to be one country that has developed into its optimal state. When compared to others, its law structure focuses on the most important things that other countries governance might take for granted. You can’t put a price on equality, fairness or justice. Either the job is done right, and a country thrives, or not.

The Process of Reporting to the UN about Children’s Rights

child Rights

The Process of Reporting to the UN about Children’s Rights

Ever since the UN adopted the CRC (the Convention on the Rights of the Child), which is recognized as one of the most important human rights treaties in the world, there has been a massive shift in the emphasis that is placed on the rights of children.

Children now have a voice, or rather ambassadors and structures, that provides them with safety, security and children’s rights that cannot be denied. It is safe to say that both the UN and the CRC play crucial roles in looking after the children of not only Australia but the majority of the world too. S

The Importance of a Separate Human Rights Treaty for Children

The role of the CRC is to provide an entire platform of human rights specifically for children. These rights include political, civil, economic, as well as cultural rights. It’s also structured in such a manner that these rights are ensured at all times for both children and young people. The CRC also reveals the importance of being aware of the responsibilities and the rights of the parents. While this treaty is specifically for children, they are also protected by general human rights treaties.

Children’s Rights – Reporting to the UN


While the Australian government has to report to the UN every year’s regarding the state of Australia’s children when it comes to their rights, it is important to know why this is necessary, as well as what the country has to report about.

The first thing that needs to be made clear in the report to the UN is exactly what the country is doing to implement protection and the promotion of rights contained within the CRC. The country must also point out any obstacles or problems that are faced in Australia regarding the implementation of the CRC. Lastly, the progress of the previous report to the UN up until after the 5 years must also be made clear.

After the results are compiled, it gets published on the AGD’s website. The report will be reviewed by the UN’s Committee on the Rights of the Child and will then be submitted. The Committee will then monitor implementation strategies of the CRC. The UN Committee is recognized as a trusted group of individuals with a bigger purpose towards promoting the safety and rights of children globally, which makes the fact that it consists of representatives from many different countries quite helpful.

Each countries representative has a space provided to them where they can make recommendations and form conclusions based on their observations and different perspectives. This entire process helps people establish and monitor whether the government from each and every country, in this case, Australia, complies with its given obligations under the guidance of the CRC.

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